Feb 05

Candlelight Vigils for Charlie and Braden

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Today marks one year since Charlie and Braden Powell were killed by their father, Josh Powell. It’s been a long year. Tonight we are honoring and remembering Charlie and Braden with candlelight vigils in both Puyallup, Washington and West Valley City, Utah. We have received over 200 messages of love and support from people all over the United States and the world including Africa, China, Australia and Europe. Many people will be remembering Susan’s sweet boys in their own home states and countries with candles of their own.

If you live in Washington or Utah, please consider joining us at one of the vigils. Here are the addresses, times, and details.

In Washington:

Tuesday, February 5, 6pm. This vigil will be held at the back of the lot where the burned house once stood, in Graham.

Address: 8119 189th Street Court East

Please bring a candle and park in the back of the lot so as not to disturb the neighborhood.

Here’s the link to the event invitation on Facebook.

In Utah:

Tuesday, February 5, 7pm. This vigil will be held at West View Park in West Valley City, a park where Susan often took her boys to play. This is also the same park where we had our first vigil for Susan when she’d been missing 4 days.

Address: The park is located on the north-west corner of 4100 South and 6000 West in West Valley City.

Please dress warmly and bring a candle. Here is the link to the event invitation on Facebook.

We are so grateful to Alex Boye and April Meservy for kindly agreeing to share their vocal talents to help us remember and honor Charlie and Braden.

Wherever you are in the world today, please take a moment to remember Susan, Charlie, and Braden. We thank you from our hearts for your support, prayers, and love.


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    • Ashlee on February 5, 2013 at 1:08 pm

    Thank you for post this, I am spreading the news making sure people that are here in Washington and in Utah can find a place to show their love for those little boys.
    There is so many people wanting to attend but can’t that will be lighting a candle at home which is just amazing.

    • Kathy on February 5, 2013 at 2:06 pm

    Peace be with the Cox family.

    • gwen rognon on February 5, 2013 at 6:05 pm

    God be with you each and everyday. Susan is deeply missed as well as those beautiful little boys. You will be with them again someday and they are looking down and trying to comfort you. God be with you.

    • admin on February 5, 2013 at 9:52 pm

    Thank You for the kind words

  1. I am a Guardiand ad Litem and visitation supervisor, although I only do a few per month. One of the reasons that I opened my business, although I’ve done it for 10 years out of my home, is because of what happened to those precious children and the massive melee surrounding their mother missing and from that point forward to last year on 2/5/2012. I knew in my heart that I had to do something more and within two months, I had started my own business for the first time, have an office and have had more work since. My mother recently passed away and I have been able to quit my other work to concentrate on providing more time and energy to the voices that do not get heard, the young, the old, and those with disabilities. I grieved right along with countless others, with you and your family. I pray that someday, somehow, children will not have to live in fear. God bless you all.

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