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Charlie’s Dinosaur

Charlies Dinosaur logoCharlie’s Dinosaur Building a Safer Community

In 2012, Crime Stoppers of Tacoma-Pierce County developed a new outreach program in cooperation with the Cox family following the tragic murder of their grandsons Charlie and Braden.  Our volunteers teamed up with the Cox family, the case detectives from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, and child advocacy groups to provide care items for children placed into emergency foster homes.  The care items come in the form of backpacks filled with new bedding, toiletries, clothing, school supplies and toys.  These backpacks are distributed by police officers to children who are being suddenly removed from homes due to unsafe, abusive, unsanitary living conditions.  All of the items are donated by citizens and business in our community, including our friends at Walmart, and other non-profit organizations.


To Donate to Charlie’s Dinosaur:

Make checks out to “Charlie’s Dinosaur”
Mail to:
Crime Stoppers Attn: Ed Troyer
6824 19th St. W #139
University Place, WA 98466

Charlie’s Dinosaur is currently a local Pierce County project.

If you would like to expand Charlie’s Dinosaur Project to your area, please use the contact us feature on the Susan Cox Powell Foundation to let us know.

The Charlie’s Dinosaur logo is based on a drawing made by Charlie Powell, the idea for the project and the name “Charlie’s Dinosaur” were created by the Pierce County case detectives.IMG_0665


February 28th, 2012

Project-Charlie’s Dinosaur

On February 5th, 2012 Charlie and Braden Powell were murdered in PierceCounty by their father, Joshua Powell.  The horrific crime has had a devastating effect on the entire community, to include responding law enforcement officers.  During a search warrant service related to the subsequent investigation, a large hand-drawn poster of a dinosaur was found in a storage unit rented by Joshua Powell.  The poster was marked “Charlie’s Dinosaur” and was one of the few items recovered of any personal nature to the boys.  The drawing could not have been more precious, and for a moment provided a deep sense of joy and renewal of faith those who saw it.

As a result of that moment, several detectives from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department have formed a small service group dedicated to provide assistance to those in need.  “Charlie’s Dinosaur” was chosen as the name of the club as it defines our Mission: To provide comfort and assistance through quiet acts of kindness and generosity to our foster children.  Any donations, assistance or service will be conducted in the name of “Charlie’s Dinosaur” only, with no mention of the members or their occupation.

The primary focus of this project is to help kids that are placed with Child Protective Services or otherwise removed from their home/family with little or no belongings.  Our goal is to provide a backpack of personal items for these children to help them gain a sense of comfort and security in owning their own clothing and hygiene supplies.  Our wish is that when faced with the overwhelming emotion that comes from being removed from their normal care, that the children can maintain the dignity and reassurance of having their own complete set of clothing, personal care items, small toys and/or comfort items.

Although focused on assisting children displaced from their normal environment, the group also has other projects planned for the year to include providing school supplies to children who are disadvantaged or at risk.

On behalf of the Board of “Charlie’s Dinosaur”, we thank you for your assistance and support in our endeavor.



Lynelle Anderson

Teresa Berg

Kevin Johnson

Gary Sanders


To Donate to Charlie’s Dinosaur:

Make checks out to “Charlie’s Dinosaur”
Mail to:
Crime Stoppers Attn: Ed Troyer
6824 19th St. W #139
University Place, WA 98466

The Susan Cox Powell Foundation is a separate entity from Charlie’s Dinosaur, however, we are glad to help facilitate contact with Charlie’s Dinosaur and provide support to Charlie’s Dinosaur.  Please feel free to contact The Susan Cox Powell Foundation if you need assistance with Charlie’s Dinosaur.


(No title)

CB made a new friend, “Rhubarb” the Reindeer the mascot of the Tacoma Rainier’s, they pose here at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma, where CB was meeting Children and adults attending this Years Tears Foundation Rock & Walk .  (June 21, 2014)  Parents and Families meet each year to in remembrance of their lost children to …

2013 Coat Drive

The Charlie’s Dinosaur Coat Drive held on November 23, 2013 went well.  We started slow on a very clear and cold morning, by 10:00am our start time, we were ready to go, but the temperature was around 30 degrees,  Luckily the wind was mostly calm, but the slightest breeze went right through the light jackets …

Books for Children

Charlie’s Dinosaur “CB” delivers books Friday October 14th, 2014, “CB” and his helpers, delivered approximately 4,500 books to two Pierce County Elementary Schools.   The books were welcomed by teachers who knew exactly which families needed them.    In a world of computers there is something about a real book, with pages, colorful illustrations, no batteries or …

Charity 4×4 & Truck Show June 30, 2012

The show was the first to raise funds specifically for Charlie’s Dinosaur and thanks to sponsors got Charlie’s Dinosaur off to a good start.

High School Student Organizes Donation Drive

A delayed thank you: Just before Christmas break, 2013,  a Student of Graham Kapowsin High School and President of the Fashion Club, organized a clothing collection for Charlie’s Dinosaur and provided that donation directly to CB who will be sure they get to the Children that need it.               …

Special Olympics Polar Bear Plunge February 25, 2013

Go “Team Charlie’s Dinosaur” On Saturday February 25th, at Owens Beach in Tacoma, Washington, the first annual Special Olympic’s Polar Bear Plunge was held.  The Event raised more than 75,000.00 dollars for Special Olympics, and “Team Charlie’s Dinosaur” was there.  A hearty group of about 30 “Team Charlie’s Dinosaur” Tee-shirted supporters, representing the largest non-commercial …

Terry Chaplin Memorial Car Show August 10, 2013

Charlie’s Dinosaur was invited to the 2nd Annual Chaplin Memorial Car Show held at “Griot’s Garage” and Event Center in Tacoma,  Washington. The event organizers decided to donate proceeds from the show to “Charlie’s Dinosaur”. Crime Stoppers came through with the lemonade stand, setting up and manning the booth.  Judy and I were there, the foundation …

Charlie’s Dinosaur Shopping List

SHOPPING LIST FOR “CHARLIE’S DINOSAUR” IN SUPPORT OF FOSTER CARE CHILDREN Kids Clothing, ages 3 to 16 (Boys and Girls) Under garments to include socks (Boys and Girls) Pajama’s (Long Pants and Tops) practical, not fancy. Sweat Suits (Boys and Girls) Heavy and Light coats (Girls and Boys) Hats/Caps/Gloves (Girls and Boys) School Back Packs …

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