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Personal Stories

This section is for the personal stories of those affected by the loss of a loved one, victims of abuse, violent crime victims and their families.

Those wishing to add stories, make corrections, remove stories or contact those persons with stories please make your request though the contact us page.  In order to demonstrate this page some sample stories have been listed using information from existing websites.

Gay and Bob Smither: (story copied from website) Laura Kate Smither, was abducted in Texas on April 3rd, 1997 by a twice convicted sexual offender predator. After the abduction and murder of their daughter, Gay and her husband Bob, were called upon to help other families with missing children. In response to this they Co-Founded the Laura Recovery Center– for missing children. Gay serves as President of the Board of Directors and is one of the speakers for the Foundation. She gives the family perspective talk at the Laura Recovery Center’s monthly training course on child abduction for law enforcement at the Houston Police Department Training Academy, and at law enforcement agencies around the state of Texas. Bob and his wife Gay, co-founded the Laura Recovery Center Foundation for missing children. He is an active volunteer with the Foundation and maintains the web site and computer resources. Please visit their website at or use the resource link.

Sarah  Slack:  (story copied from website) Sarah and her husband, Sanford, experienced the stillbirth of their son, Jesse Curtis Slack on November 14, 2000. Through the loss of her son, Sarah decided to turn her tragedy into an opportunity to reach out to other families who have lost a baby and make a positive impact in her community. The TEARS Foundation was started in 2002 by Sarah Slack. Please visit their website at or use the resource link.

Lew Cox: (story copied from website) Violent Crime Victim Services was born out of the violent death of one of the daughters of Mr. Lew Cox, the organization’s founder and executive director. This even eventually moved Mr. Cox to reach out to the homicide bereaved. Recognizing the significance of the loss after a loved one is murdered,  Please visit his website at or use the resource link.

Mika Moulton: (story copied from website) Mika’s 10 year-old son, Christopher Meyer, was kidnapped on August 7, 1995 from a popular boat dock a couple of blocks from their home in the small village of Aroma Park, Illinois. After an eight day search, Christopher’s badly decomposed body was found buried in a shallow grave. He had been stabbed over fifty times and his body mutilated. The monster who committed this horrendous crime had been recently released from prison for murdering a 5 year old girl 15 years earlier. He is currently serving life without parole.  Mika is the currently serving as  president of the Surviving Parents Coalition, Please visit their website at or use the resource link.

Every Family Needs a Hero: Ginger

Ginger as told to Ron Bolt   I entered this world as the result of a 16 year-old girl’s one-night stand. The 18 year-old father was engaged to someone else and had a child on the way with her. He denied having sex with my mom, but I look just like him. Mom sure could …

Every Family Needs a Hero: Jerry

Jerry As told to Ron Bolt   When my mom and dad fought, I would push between them and beg, “Stop it!” Several times, Mom picked up a loaded pistol and went out back to put an end to the craziness and misery. I’d follow her pleading, “Don’t do it. I love you. We need …


Ruby   I waited with the dish towel while my mom washed the big skillet. She looked at it and said, “One day, I’m going to kill him with this.” I never doubted it—it was just a matter of when. A Family Curse My dad beat us down with a constant barrage: “You’re not good …


Stewart as told to Ron Bolt   My dad and his brother grew up taking turns as their mom’s punching bag. Grandpa took a beating as well, but rather than hitting back, he hit the bottle—hard. Both boys took on the worst characteristics of their parents and became violent alcoholics. I saw my uncle only …


I never knew my dad’s name or anything about him. That’s a tough way to start, but life would get tougher. My 17 year-old mom moved to another state with her family when I was six months-old. Our new home, an old, one bedroom, log cabin with neither electricity nor indoor plumbing, housed 14 of us: …