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Charlie’s Dinosaur “CB” delivers books

Friday October 14th, 2014, “CB” and his helpers, delivered approximately 4,500 books to two Pierce County Elementary Schools.   The books were welcomed by teachers who knew exactly which families needed them.    In a world of computers there is something about a real book, with pages, colorful illustrations, no batteries or software needed…..

Helpers loaded the truck

Crime Stoppers, associate member George Hight (left), Chuck Cox, Charlie and Braden’s Grandpa (center), and Chuck Warden, Commander American Veterans Post 1 (right), at the warehouse with the delivery truck loaded.

Broullet 1

The First Stop was Brouillet Elementary School

 ”CB” had to get a few pictures with his new Brouillet Friends

The current “Miss Pierce County Outstanding Teen”, and Miss Pierce County contestant McKinley Goble(Nice boots) helped unload.

McKinley, Chuck Cox, Nancy Stobel (Principal), “CB”, Curtis Brian (Assistant Principal), Brouilett Dads >>>>

Broullet 2

Brouillet Student


Next stop Firgove Elementary School

Firgrove 1

McKinley, “CB”, Kristen Schroeder, (Principal Firgrove Elementary)

Broullet 4

A picture before the staff began opening and sorting boxes of books to distribute them to students.

George, McKinnley, Kristen, Chuck, plus two  Firgrove Teacher helpers,

Teachers wanting books in Pierce County Schools please contact Janene Jasinski, through the Susan Cox Powell Foundation “contact us”, link to request books.  Other schools or teachers please use the “contact us” link (Chuck

A Special Thank you to everyone that  had a part in helping Charlie’s Dinosaur make this possible.                  Happy Reading!!!!!!!!!!!!

Additional books are being distributed to other schools as they are requested.  All books are being distributed to students for their enjoyment, free of any cost, and are a welcome treat to Foster Children and other children based on their age, reading needs and interests.   Many of the activity books can be used in class as well as given to the children to take home, where they will help stimulate the child’s interest in reading.   Our dedicated teachers are aware of many students that would benefit from these fun educational books.   Through this effort teachers are able to provide students with these needed books which would otherwise be unavailable.


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