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The Search for Susan

On this page I plan on including the latest updates on the Search for Susan.

8/3/2013 Update

We just returned from Utah, where a search was conducted following up on a tip from a person that thought they had seen Josh in Butterfield Canyon, the night Susan disappeared.  The identified area was grid searched by approximately 30 volunteers from the Unified Police department and local search and rescue members.   There where also  6 cadaver dog teams.  We found bones, probably animal but they will be tested and various bits of carpet and trash, nothing very promising.  If nothing else develops from this site, it is one more location we can exclude.   We appreciate the cooperation of Rio Tinto, and their willingness to allow the search, and the Unified Police Department for their support.

We continue to receive tips as a result of our last trip and flyer distribution.    We continue to follow every specific tip from all sources.   We are encouraged that with the release of the West Valley City Police evidence more and more eyes and minds are looking at this puzzle..

6/23/2013 Update

The search for Susan continues.  The West Valley City Police Department announced that they have suspended their “active investigation”.  West Valley City Police (WVPD) explained to us, Susan’s case is still open and will remain so until she is found and all those responsible for her disappearance are prosecuted.  Because the WVPD no longer have any active leads to pursue, they are suspending “active investigation”.

Josh Powell, Susan’s Husband, the primary person of interest, killed himself.

Michael Powell, Josh’s younger brother who’s 1997 Ford Tarus cadaver dogs “alerted” on, indicating there was the scent of human decomposition in the trunk and back seat area, also killed himself.   With Michael’s whereabouts unaccounted for from the 3rd of December to the 12th of December 2009, and several other factors WVPD have investigated it is clear the Michael played a role in Susan’s disappearance, but neither Josh or Michael will be answering any questions.

As a result of Michael trying to destroy his 1997 Ford Tarus at a scrap yard in Pendleton after it allegedly broke down near Baker City Oregon, WVPD recovering the vehicle and cadaver dogs “alerting” on that vehicle, we now have a new search area to consider.   Unfortunately it broadens the search area, but at the same time, the cadaver dogs “alerting” on the vehicle is the first potential evidence outside evidence collected inside the Josh and Susan’s home in Utah.Search area




We now have private investigators following up on this new evidence.   We took a trip down to Utah along this route and passed out flyers along the way, and also talked with local law enforcement along the way.   Everyone was very receptive and supportive.   Now that WVPD has released this new information, and other evidence they collected in this case, Law Enforcement, our private investigators and others now have more information to work with.    We hope this new information will spark some memory in someone that will lead to finding Susan.

Here is the flyer we handed out.Susan I-84 Flyer2







We have been getting tips, and following up on them.   In the event we do get a solid lead, the WVPD have assured us they are ready willing and able to resume their active investigation.    We would like to especially thank all those along this route that have provided encouragement and who told us they will keep Susan in their thoughts and help by safely searching in their local areas, should they feel there is a potential area that needs to be investigated.  We remind searchers to ensure their own safety first, and to get the help of local law enforcement, or contact us so we can get professional search teams involved as needed.

Steven Powell, Josh’s father remains in jail for voyeurism, and invading the privacy of innocent children as they bathed in their own homes.   Steven Powell’s obsession with Susan and his delusions are disgustingly documented in his personal journals, and on video he took of himself.   Judy and I have been advised to not view much of this information as it has no redeeming value and shows no promise of helping to find Susan.   We are thankful for that advice and have taken it.    Steven Powell has refused to talk with WVPD or any other law enforcement regarding Susan’s disappearance citing his 5th amendment rights against self incrimination.    We continue to believe that Steve knows where Susan is and what actually happened to her.

Thank You for your continued support of Susan’s Parents the Cox Family and Susan’s Sisters, we have not and will not give up the search for Susan.


    • James Goltz on August 15, 2013 at 2:25 pm
    • Reply

    Dear Mr. Cox:

    As you may know, an article appeared in the Los Angeles Times today (8-15-13) regarding your ongoing search for your daughter. Although I am neither an investigator nor a police official, I was motivated to do a brief Internet search based on the reported comment by your grandson Charles who stated that “mommy stayed with the dinosaurs.” In my Google search using the key words “roadside attractions, Interstate 84 and dinosaurs” I located George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park off I-84 near Ogden. It’s a bit south of the stretch of highway you have been searching but close enough to be of possible interest. Based on the reported thoroughness of your search, you have probably already considered this location, but I thought I would contact you in case you hadn’t. I wish you success in your search. The Eccles location can be found at:

    With Sympathy,

    Jim Goltz
    South Pasadena, CA

    • albert on August 16, 2013 at 6:51 am
    • Reply

    Dinosaur Ridge, Idaho 83313

    • Jess on August 20, 2013 at 6:30 am
    • Reply

    North Cascades National Park in Dinosaur, CO is twice as far from Idaho as Pendelton but still mainly off of I-84. Is there record of all of the places searched and where all of the tips have come from?

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