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The Surviving Parents Coalition

The Susan Cox Powell Foundation became aware of the Surviving Parents Coalition when Chuck Cox, Susan’s Father met Ed Smart.   Ed’s daughter Elizabeth Smart was abducted but thankfully eventually returned to her parents.   Ed Smart and the Surviving Parents Coalition have worked to bring attention to the deficiencies in our laws that could be corrected by legislation to increase the safety and security of our children and all of us.

Here is a link to their website:

The Susan Cox Powell Foundation supports the work of the Surviving Parents Coalition.    Here is a photo of Chuck, Judy, Lois and Ed Smart when they traveled to Utah to support one event “Ride for Their Lives” held in 2010.

Ride for their lives was also supported by “The Laura Recovery Center” (they provided the Support Motor Home)


 We only participated at the Salt Lake City Stop, Ed continued on to Los Angles.  But we hope our participation helped increase Media attention.ride for their lives mapRide for their lives

Here is a link to “DNA Saves” which talks about DNA collection on Felony Arrest.  This law has been established in at least 24 states.

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