Nov 29

Susan’s Song Update


We have just contracted with a company to produce a limited quantity of two disc packages, containing a CD with Susan’s Song “A Dream Away” and a DVD of the Video for the Song.  We hope to be able to offer these at the up coming Michael McLean, “Forgotten Carols” concert, December 18th at Cottonwood High School in Salt Lake City Utah.  And possibly at other venues such as Ann Rule’s book signings.

The sets will also be available to people on-line by making a minimum donation using the Susan, Charlie and Braden Memorial button, and  providing us with your mailing address.  This will of course take longer as we will need to get your request, process and mail the set to you. You can reserve a copy by making your donation today.

The sets should be available for distribution by December 15, 2012.

We ask for a minimum donation of $10.00 per set, to cover the cost of producing the set and a donation to the memorial fund, please include an additional $2.00 donation if ordering on-line to cover postage.   We can autograph your set if requested please allow additional time for autographs.  (Judy and Chuck live in Puyallup, others who could potential autograph the set live in Utah.)  We are providing this beautiful set as a keep sake to our supporters and to raise funds for the Susan, Charlie and Braden Memorial.  Any funds raised will be used only for the memorial, to prevent domestic violence and to support families in line with the goals of the Susan Cox Powell Foundation, including support of the Charlie and Braden Project of the Tears Foundation and Charlie’s Dinosaur.