Mar 19

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I have been noticing a steady number of people subscribing to the page and it encourages me to work on the site more.  I  would like to welcome and thank each of our new subscribers.

Feb 05

Candlelight Vigils for Charlie and Braden

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Today marks one year since Charlie and Braden Powell were killed by their father, Josh Powell. It’s been a long year. Tonight we are honoring and remembering Charlie and Braden with candlelight vigils in both Puyallup, Washington and West Valley City, Utah. We have received over 200 messages of love and support from people all over the United States and the world including Africa, China, Australia and Europe. Many people will be remembering Susan’s sweet boys in their own home states and countries with candles of their own.

If you live in Washington or Utah, please consider joining us at one of the vigils. Here are the addresses, times, and details.

In Washington:

Tuesday, February 5, 6pm. This vigil will be held at the back of the lot where the burned house once stood, in Graham.

Address: 8119 189th Street Court East

Please bring a candle and park in the back of the lot so as not to disturb the neighborhood.

Here’s the link to the event invitation on Facebook.

In Utah:

Tuesday, February 5, 7pm. This vigil will be held at West View Park in West Valley City, a park where Susan often took her boys to play. This is also the same park where we had our first vigil for Susan when she’d been missing 4 days.

Address: The park is located on the north-west corner of 4100 South and 6000 West in West Valley City.

Please dress warmly and bring a candle. Here is the link to the event invitation on Facebook.

We are so grateful to Alex Boye and April Meservy for kindly agreeing to share their vocal talents to help us remember and honor Charlie and Braden.

Wherever you are in the world today, please take a moment to remember Susan, Charlie, and Braden. We thank you from our hearts for your support, prayers, and love.

Jan 31

Washington State “Charlie and Braden Powell Act”

Jan. 31, 2013
A bill called the Charlie-Braden Act barring custody to murder suspects will be heard by the Senate Law and Justice committee in Olympia Friday, in a public hearing. <>  The bill is named in honor of Charlie and Braden Powell, (Susan Cox Powell’s Sons) who were killed by their father in a murder-suicide in 2012.  Charlie and Braden’s Grandparents, Chuck and Judy Cox are among those expected to testify.

Senate Bill 5162<>, prime-sponsored by Sen. Pam Roach, would prohibit child custody awards from being granted to suspects in murder investigations.    State Sen. Pam Roach (360) 786-7660

“To me, this really seems like common sense. If the police suspect that you killed someone, you shouldn’t be granted custody,” said Roach, R-Auburn. “It’s beyond unfortunate that this is a law that needs to exist.”  Expected to testify at the hearing are Chuck and Judy Cox, the grandparents of Charlie and Braden. The two have been outspoken about changes to the law that could prevent a similar occurrence.

For more information contact Jami Herring at (360) 786-7399 or

We invite all those interested to attend the hearing which begins at 8:00am.  We are grateful that Senator Roach has introduced this bill.  We fully support Senator Roach and the other sponsor’s efforts to give the courts the laws and tools needed to protect children.  We believe that this law will also act as a deterrent by preventing a spouse who may have used violence from benefiting from those acts, while increasing the safety of surviving children, and indirectly encouraging the full cooperation of a surviving spouse with police efforts.

Jan 11

“Hidden in Plain Sight” Human Trafficing Workshop and Awareness Event

Olympia flyerWe were pleased to attend  and add our support to the fight against human trafficking, abduction, and exploitation.

We join with and applaud those responsible for this event, the Rotary Clubs of Thruston County, Lacey, Yelm, Olympia, West Olympia, South Puget Sound, The Tronie Foundation,  Zonta Club of Olympia, Zonta District 8, The Community Foundation of Puget Sound, The Timberline High School, Centennial Elementary School and the Sponsors that made the event possible.   My best estimate was that over 300 people attended this first event which is planned to become an annual effort.

We arrived at 5:30 just as the workshop, 1pm – 6pm, was winding down, in time to meet with Elizabeth and Rani and meet some of those responsible for the event.   Local Television KING5 showed up and interviewed Elizabeth and Rani and then everyone moved to the main auditorium for the program.

Through a multi media presentation the audience was provided facts about the problem of human trafficking around the world including the US.   (Yes, it happens here)

Rani Hong shared her experience as a survivor of human trafficking and encouraged those in attendance to help fight this ongoing 32 billion dollar criminal activity.

Elizabeth Smart shared her abduction story, which miraculously ended with her return to her family, and encouraged parents to never give up on their missing loved ones.  Elizabeth shared her inner strength and determination that helped her survive her ordeal, and reminded the audience it was a tip from the public that brought her home.  She encouraged everyone to become involved, to keep their eyes open, and to report anything unusual to the authorities.  She warned us that everyone is qualified to help, everyone can notify authorities, and cautioned us not to think that “someone else” will report it, or that “someone else” will help.    We where honored and thankful to be invited to participate and lend our support.  The more we all work together the stronger we are and more people we can help.

Jan 10

Elizabeth Smart and Rani Hong speak in Olympia

Olympia flyer




























Sorry for the Late notice but tonight Elizabeth Smart will be the keynote speaker in Lacey, Washington.   Please support this event.

Location: Marcus Pavillion at Saint Martin’s University

5300 Pacific Ave. SE,Lacey,WA,98503

Jan 02

Purple Ribbon Party & Christmas Box Donations

On Tuesday, December 11, several friends of Susan in Utah, along with others who never met her, gathered at Hunter Library in West Valley City to collect donations for the Christmas Box House, an organization which helps abused and neglected kids taken into state protection. We also made purple ribbons to give away as reminders of Susan and her boys.


It was a wonderful evening of talking, sharing, reminiscing, and getting to know those who came to help. We made several hundred purple ribbons to pass out at future events.




We’ve had several ribbon-making events/gatherings in the past three years and have made several thousand ribbons to give away. These ribbons serve as a visible reminder that Susan is still missing, and that domestic violence is very real and a terrible problem that doesn’t need to keep happening. We will be working hard in the coming months and years to promote education and change so there will be fewer victims of domestic violence.

Dec 29

Jessie Funk to perform live, Susan’s Song “A Dream Away”

Jessie-redPerformance of song to honor Susan Cox-Powell

The Utah Domestic Violence Council are delighted to announce that there will be a special performance of “Susan’s song: A Dream Away” at next week’s ceremony of remembrance to recall all of 2012’s victims of domestic violence related deaths at the Capitol Building.

The song, which was only released in October, was written to honor the missing mother of two, Susan Cox –Powell, from West Jordan and her two boys, Charlie and Braden, who were tragically killed in February of this year by their father. It will be performed by, Jessie Funk, the award winning singer and professional youth speaker (

Although written especially for Susan, the song will form part of a wider ceremony to draw attention to how many people are affected by domestic violence and how many needlessly lose their lives every year as a result.  This song has proven to be a comfort to many who have suffered the loss of loved ones, and we are pleased Jessie will be sharing it with us.

The Song is available for download on i-tunes, and also in a commemorative CD/DVD set, on this website, for a suggested minimum donation, by clicking on the “Donate to Susan’s Memorial Fund” Donate button, located on the right scroll bar on this site.2012-12-13 16.43.20

The commemorative Set, maybe also be offered at the remembrance, if time permits Jessie may be available to sign your copy.  All memorial donations will be used to create a Susan, Charlie & Braden memorial, which will serve to remind people for years of the devastating consequences of domestic violence, not by dwelling on the violence, but by celebrating the love between family members as does the song “A Dream Away”.   Donations may also be used to help prevent domestic violence, and help victims of domestic violence.

The ceremony is due to take place on January 2nd at 12pm in the Rotunda area at the State Capitol Building. The Annual UDVC Domestic Violence Related Death Report will also be released on this day and paper/ electronic copies can be collected immediately after the ceremony.

Dec 29

Utah Domestic Violence Coalition Remembrance

On January 2nd at Noon at the State Capitol in Salt Lake City, Utah, there will be a special event to remember those victims of domestic violence in the state of Utah.  Please view the attached flyer for details.  UDVC flyer   We are honored to be associated with the Utah Domestic violence Coalition.  The Susan Cox Powell Foundation supports this event, and we encourage anyone who can attend to do so.

Dec 20

Michael McLean “Forgotten Carols” Concert Remembers

forgotten carolsMichael’s performance of “The Forgotten Carols” on Monday the 17th was dedicated to those lost in Newtown, CT. and their families. The audience observed a minute of silence, to pray and remember.

On Tuesday, December 18th, the Cox family were privileged to attend “The Forgotten Carols”, the play written by Michael Mclean 21 years ago.

The play provides comfort and peace to many that have suffered tragic loss.  This performance was dedicated to Susan Cox Powell, Charlie and Braden, as Michael said, he first learned about Susan’s interest in his work through a phone call.  Susan had tickets to see the Forgotten Carols in December of 2009, and was looking forward with great anticipation to the performance.  Susan, Michael was told, loved his work and considered him one of her favorite performers.  unfortunately, Susan went missing and never got the opportunity to attend the performance.

Chuck and Judy Cox, along with close friends and relatives where able to attend the Tuesday Night Performance.   An instant bond was made between Michacel, and the Cox family, and a special spirit attended the event.  Afterword, Chuck told Michael he had felt Susan’s presence during the performance, Michael had felt it too.  Also in attendance where Jusitn and Shane Osmond, who were there to show their support for the Susan Cox Powell Foundation, our partners, and of course the Cox family.

For the Cox family it was a memorable healing experience, although the end of the story is still unknown. All the love, support, and prayers help keep them strong and determined to carry on and to help as many people as they can as a legacy to Charlie and Braden and their Daughter Susan.   The Cox family’s faith in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the overwhelming love prayers and support of people around the world, help them as they go on day by day.   The loss of innocent lives in Newtown CT. and the suffering of their families, as well as the many families of those with missing loved ones, or loved ones taken because of the careless, senseless acts of others is always in the minds and hearts of the Cox family.

Thank You, Michael for this special performance and your wonderful play, “The Forgotten Carols”.  May you continue to bless lives through your talent.

Michael speaks with Chuck and Judy during meet and greet before the show

Michael speaks with Chuck and Judy during meet and greet before the show

Michael Mclean

Dec 17

Michael McLean “Forgotten Carols” benefit concert

2012-12-13 16.43.20Michael MeLean’s benefit concert performance of “The Forgotten Carols” will be Tuesday Night, December 18th at Cottonwood High School, in Salt Lake City, Utah.   Although there will be performances all week, this performance is dedicated to Susan.  Susan had tickets to see “The Forgotten Carols” but never got to use them.   Chuck and Judy Cox, along with Jessie Funk and Camilyn Morrison who created Susan’s Song “A Dream Away” will also be there.

We will have copies of the commemorative CD/DVD set of Susan’s Song, “A Dream Away” available at the concert, and we will be asking a minimum $10.00 donation for the set larger donations are always welcome.   Donations will go toward building a monument to remember Susan, Charlie and Braden.  It is a large project and we are testing the waters somewhat with this commemorative set and benefit concert to see if there is enough support to actually move on to the next step, of choosing an artist.

Our vision for the monument at this time is Susan with her arms outstretched and Charlie and Braden running toward her, symbolizing the love of family.  We see the Statue as life-sized so that it is interactive in that children can touch Susan, Charlie or Braden, run beside them, hold their hand.  We hope it will evoke the feeling of love and joy to the casual observer, while those familiar with the story will also be reminded of the tragic consequences of Domestic Violence.

We hope to see everyone there.1208121432a