Oct 25

Chainbreaker’s Meeting

CB meeting 10-15-13-4On October 15th, Judy and I spoke at the weekly Tuesday night support meeting in Orem, Utah.   We were grateful for the invitation, the welcome and the support we received.   The meeting room was packed.  We felt somewhat inadequate as we addressed the room of people who in many cases are in a current need or crisis fighting their own personal battles as a result of abusive relationships.   We knew there where also those in the room who had endured and survived abusive situations.  We offered what we know, and have experienced ourselves in the hopes that it would give courage, and useful knowledge that might help those that attended.   We know that each abuse situation is unique, yet there are  similarities, and some steps which we outlined that can be applied.    We want to encourage you to not give in, be careful, but remember you only lose if you give up.  We want to thank Chainbreakers for providing these meetings, supporting these good people and continuing to fight to end Domestic Violence. Thank you for letting us come and speak. We are honored to be associated with you, and those you serve.

Chuck and Judy Cox


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  1. So great! I am glad you did this, it is probably just as healing for you as it might be for them.

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