Apr 21

Crime Victims Conference of East Texas

On April 15th we witnessed another senseless attack on innocent law-abiding people.   With callous disregard for human life, and the consequences of their actions two bombs were detonated at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.     More families became victims of crime.   The Henderson County District Attorney’s office Crime Victims Conference of East Texas which will take place April 25,26 is an opportunity for good people to discuss ways to provide support to crime victims.   Thank you Henderson County for hosting this conference.

Law enforcement officials and victim advocates from various cities and municipalities will attend, but the conference is open to the public.   Friday afternoon, Chuck and Judy Cox will speak about their experiences as parents of a missing person, grandparents of two murdered grandchildren, and the needs of the victim’s families.

The investigation continues into the Disappearance of their Daughter Susan Cox Powell.  For more information about the conference or to attend visit: http://www.henderson-county.com/cvc.html

“All that is required for evil to win, is for good people to do nothing” 

Please Join us.Thank you for your support.

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