Dec 17

The Charlie Braden Project

Charle and Braden projectThe Tears Foundation, started the Charlie & Braden project a few months after Charlie and Braden were killed.  Tears Foundation has been in existence for 10 years and provides financial help to families that lose children under 12 months.  This is a traumatic event, for any family.  We first learned of the Tears Foundation when Sarah the founder organized a “bake sale” to raise money for the needs of the Cox family.  Charlie & Braden’s grandparents, little did we know how much that would help us.   The bake sale was a huge success, it was held at a local fire department parking lot, and the line to donate was several blocks long, the sale raised thousands of dollars, that’s right a bake sale, thousands of dollars.  We all know it wasn’t the cookies, it was the community showing their support of our family, and outrage at the murder of Charlie and Braden.

The Charlie and Braden Project expands the scope of those The Tears Foundation helps.  They now help families who lose children up to age 12.  unfortunately their initial contributions to the Charlie and Braden Project have been used up.  They are in need of more donations, but this has not stopped them from helping families.  To their credit they continue to help families who suffer this loss, but they could sure use more donations.

To make a donation go to their website click donate, and then use the purpose of donation drop down menu, select Charlie & Braden Project, and make your donation.  The only other place currently I could find Charlie & Braden Project was under the Assistance Tab, where people go to get assistance.   I have asked that they put something on their front page to better let people know about the Project.

The Tears Project has chapters across the Nation and  has helped many families and we fully support their efforts and hope you will too.  Thank You