Oct 18

Video Update

I have asked that both video’s (yes there are two), the original Video http://youtu.be/SVlT3__lC7k created by Cami the author of the Song, and the professional Edit http://youtu.be/GdDoB49-lJM generously created by the KSL crew, be put back up on YouTube.

The Susan Cox Powell Foundation, released the Song on i-tunes and Amazon, unfortunately the Video took a little longer than anticipated, to get the professional video you see.  We are still considering our options for distribution.  As we try to figure out if there is enough demand to justify the expense of making one or both available for download.

If you would like to reserve a copy of either Video or Both, please make a donation using the Donate to Susan’s Memorial button, and be sure to include your contact information with your donation.  We will be sure that we find a way to get you a copy of the Video, if there is enough interest.  Please let us know which one you like best by using the “like” buttons on YouTube and sharing the links with your friends.

We are told that it could take 4-6 weeks to make it available for download.    Thank you for visiting our site, and for your generous support.  Chuck Cox