Feb 17

Charlie’s Dinosaur “CB” delivers books

Friday October 14th, 2014, “CB” and his helpers, delivered approximately 4,500 books to two Pierce County Elementary Schools.   The books were welcomed by teachers who knew exactly which families needed them.    In a world of computers there is something about a real book, with pages, colorful illustrations, no batteries or software needed…..

Helpers loaded the truck

Photo by Mr. J



<<<<<<<<<<<<< Crime Stoppers, associate member George Hight (left), Chuck Cox, Charlie and Braden’s Grandpa (center), and Chuck Warden, Commander American Veterans Post 1 (right), at the warehouse with the delivery truck loaded.





Broullet 1

Photo by Mr. J

The First Stop was Brouillet Elementary School

 “CB” had to get a few pictures with his new Brouillet Friends

The current “Miss Pierce County Outstanding Teen”, and Miss Pierce County contestant McKinley Goble (Nice boots) helped unload.

McKinley, Chuck Cox, Nancy Stobel (Principal), “CB”, Curtis Brian (Assistant Principal), Brouilett Dads >>>>



Broullet 2

Photo by<<<<<<<    Assistant Principal Brian Curtis



Brouillet Student  >>>>>>>>>>






Next stop Firgove Elementary School

Firgrove 1

McKinley, “CB”, Kristen Schroeder,                                              (Principal Firgrove Elementary)                              Photo by Mr. J

Broullet 4

Photo by Mr. J

A picture before the staff began opening and sorting boxes of books to distribute them to students.



George, McKinnley, Kristen, Chuck,

plus two  Firgrove Teacher helpers,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



Teachers wanting books in Pierce County Schools please contact Janene Jasinski, through the Susan Cox Powell Foundation “contact us”, link to request books.  Other schools or teachers please use the “contact us” link (Chuck Cox@susancoxpowellfoundation.net/).

A Special Thank you to everyone that  had a part in helping Charlie’s Dinosaur make this possible.                  Happy Reading!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 28

Annual Memorial December 6, 2013

2013-04-29 18.14.46On December 6, 2013, at the Woodbine Cemetery in Puyallup, Washington the annual Christmas Box Angel memorial to remember those whose little Angels that we have lost will be held.   All those who would like to join us are invited, to come a short candle light ceremony will be held starting at 7pm.


It is customary to bring a candle for the vigil, and a white flower in memory of you loved one to leave at the statue.



Judy and I will be using this event to remember Charlie, and Braden who passed away on February 5, 2012 and our daughter Susan who is still missing.  We invite others to do the same at Christmas Box Angel sites in Salt Lake City and across the country.  We Thank those who are preparing the vigil.

Nov 28

Charlie’s Dinosaur Coat Drive

2013-11-23 12.01.33

Tom, Epic Eddie, CB, Lynelle

The Charlie’s Dinosaur Coat Drive held on November 23, 2013 went well.  We started slow on a very clear and cold morning, by 10:00am our start time, we were ready to go, but the temperature was around 30 degrees,  Luckily the wind was mostly calm, but the slightest breeze went right through the light jackets most of us were wearing.   But even with the chill in the air, everyone one was optimistic.   Even a little before the official start time a car pulled up and gave us 3 bags of donated items, including at least 3 coats.   People continued to trickle in for the first hour or so then around noon, things began to get busy.  We had about 30 volunteers and all of them were pressed into service as people dropped by coats, clothes, school supplies and other donations.  It was very gratifying to see their generosity. “CB” made his first appearance at about 10:15am, and was a big hit.

2013-11-23 12.15.29

CB gets a High-Five

2013-11-23 11.45.07











Then Epic Eddie the astronaut showed up, and both of them helped with drawing attention to our fund-raiser.

We gave “CB” a few breaks from his outside waving, taking him on a walking tour of the Fred Myer store, which was pretty packed with holiday shoppers getting ready for Thanksgiving.

The children in the store and their parents welcomed the distraction of a Dinosaur walking through the isles.   “CB” got plenty of hugs, high fives, and a turned a lot of heads.   One little girl said, “look Mommy a dinosaur”.  Mommy, concentrating on the bazillion things mommys have to do, hadn’t seen “CB” and told her daughter, “Honey, dinosaurs aren’t real….   “CB” heard her and quickly altered his path slightly so the mother would see him.   A few seconds later “CB” had a new friend, and mommy now believes in dinosaurs.   The reactions to “CB” varied but where all positive, except for one little boy who wasn’t sure about how safe a big green dinosaur was …..he came around.    The “CB” costume turned out to be just as loveable as we had hoped it would be.  All in all it was fun for the children, fun for “CB” and everyone.   We made 3 trips total through the store.

2013-11-23 12.10.14

Charlie’s Dinosaur and “CB” want to thank Crime Stoppers, Columbia Bank, and Epic Donuts, and all of the volunteers that helped, with this event.  Epic Donuts distributed 250 boxes of “CB” donuts, (glazed “CB” shaped donuts with cherry filling),   Tasty, tasty teats indeed.   Also distributed along with the donuts and “high fives” were Charlie Dinosaur tattoos, pretty snazzy.

2013-11-23 12.14.07

Another new friend






Over 2,000.00 in cash was raised for foster children along with many, many coats.   One local business man came by with about 10 coats he had just purchased, it was very gratifying.  Thank you to all those generous people.



“CB” will be made available upon request to support various civic functions, and charity events, especially those involving or benefiting children, please leave a message on this site using “contact us”, and we will see if we can work out an appearance.

Nov 21

Charlie’s Dinosaur Coat Drive

Charlies Dinosaur logoCome Join us Saturday, November 23rd from 10am to 3pm on the corner of 176th & Meridian.

Charlie’s Dinosaur sponsored by Pierce County Crime Stoppers will be holding a coat and backpack drive to benefit foster children.   This event will be hosted by Columbia Bank located at 176th and Meridian in Puyallup by Fred Meyer.

This is a special event Introducing “CB our new Charlie’s Dinosaur Mascot.  Come and meet “CB” in person.   “CB” will be available for pictures with boys, girls and even adults.

2013-10-09 14.10.40

For as long as supplies hold out, Epic Donuts home of the “Tastiest Treats in the Galaxy”,

will be on site providing “CB” donuts, a Cherry filled glazed donut in the shape of the Charlie’s Dinosaur Mascot “CB“.


moonmanThe “CB” donut is available daily at Epic Donuts  “Tastiest Treats in the Galaxy” 12314 Meridian Ave E, Puyallup, WA 98373 (253) 845-0246.

The everyday low price for the “CB” is $1.50,  Epic Donuts donates 1.00 for each donut sold to Charlie’s Dinosaur.   I can speak from personal experience they are delicious, (Quality Control is essential)

Epic Eddie” will also be available for pictures and to keep “CB” company, we welcome other mascots to come join in this event to benefit Foster Children.

Kids Clothing, ages 3 to 16 (Boys and Girls)

Under garments to include socks (Boys and Girls)

Pajama’s (Long Pants and Tops) practical, not fancy.

Sweat Suits (Boys and Girls)

Heavy and Light coats (Girls and Boys)

Hats/Caps/Gloves (Girls and Boys)

School Back Packs (Girls and Boys)

Airline carryon Bags with wheels (small)

Hair brush and comb

Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste

Deodorant (Boys and Girls)

Shampoo and Conditioner

Compact Mirror

Make Up Kit (Girls)

Curling iron, Flat iron and Blow dryers

Small radio alarm clocks

Pens and Pencils

Address Book


School Supplies (all types)

Colored Pencils, Crayons, Coloring Books

Drawing Pads

Craft kits, puzzles, travel games

Children’s Books, Young Adult and Teen Books


“CB” will be available to support other worthwhile events, please use the contact us Page on this site to make your requests.   Other Crime Stopper units are welcome to expand the scope of Charlie’s Dinosaur to your local area.  Please use the contact us page on the Susan Cox Powell Foundation web site to get further information.

Oct 25

Chainbreaker’s Meeting

CB meeting 10-15-13-4On October 15th, Judy and I spoke at the weekly Tuesday night support meeting in Orem, Utah.   We were grateful for the invitation, the welcome and the support we received.   The meeting room was packed.  We felt somewhat inadequate as we addressed the room of people who in many cases are in a current need or crisis fighting their own personal battles as a result of abusive relationships.   We knew there where also those in the room who had endured and survived abusive situations.  We offered what we know, and have experienced ourselves in the hopes that it would give courage, and useful knowledge that might help those that attended.   We know that each abuse situation is unique, yet there are  similarities, and some steps which we outlined that can be applied.    We want to encourage you to not give in, be careful, but remember you only lose if you give up.  We want to thank Chainbreakers for providing these meetings, supporting these good people and continuing to fight to end Domestic Violence. Thank you for letting us come and speak. We are honored to be associated with you, and those you serve.

Chuck and Judy Cox


Aug 11

Charlie’s Dinosaur attends Car Show

2013-08-10 Booth2 Charlie’s Dinosaur was invited to the 2nd Annual Chaplin Memorial Car Show held at “Griot’s Garage” and Event Center in Tacoma,  Washington.

The event organizers decided to donate proceeds from the show to “Charlie’s Dinosaur.

Crime Stoppers came through with the lemonade stand, setting up and manning the booth.  Judy and I were there, the foundation donated some commemorative CD/DVDs and helped by explaining the Charlie’s Dinosaur mission to those attending.

We were honored to select a car we believed Charlie and Braden would have liked best for a special award.

2013-08-10 12.00.51 We couldn’t find “Lighting McQueen” but we were sure that Braden and Charlie would have loved this car.

Although they probably wouldn’t have fully appreciated the Holley Double Pumpers, or the Blower, but Grandpa would be sure to explain it to them.

We were glad to be able to support this activity, anything Judy, myself or the foundation can do to help with “Charlie’s Dinosaur, The Charlie and Braden Project, of The Tears Foundation, or to support “Chain Breakers” and other Non-Profit organizations in helping those in need helps us all.


Aug 02

A light in Dark Places: Update

LightInDark_CVR_LRG-682x1024 Probably the first thing you need to know about this book, is once you pick it up, you won’t want to put it down.   Jennifer and Emily have done a superb job, the book brings many details into focus and provides valuable insight.

The book is about Jennifer and her life, as much as it is about Susan, which makes it that much better.

Jennifer Graves, who was awarded “Chain Breaker of the Year” by the Chain Breaker Foundation, bravely gives her perspective of Susan’s disappearance, Charlie and Braden’s murder, and the suicide of her two brothers.

You will also learn about the abuse within her father’s family, that Jennifer miraculously was able to escape, with the help of her mother, her faith, and mostly her personal integrity.   Jennifer readily acknowledges that the events she relates are based on her own personal memory, and perceptions, another credit to her integrity.  As Susan’s father my perceptions of individual events are very slightly different, which is to be expected, people and memories being what they are.  Jennifer and I also had access to different information, filtered by law enforcement authorities, me as Susan’s father and Jennifer as Susan’s Sister in law and close friend.    I learned a lot I didn’t know about Jennifer’s family as she grew up, and the caustic atmosphere created by her father.

Jennifer notified me that she was donating proceeds from the book to the Foundation, this was done without any prior agreement, or discussions.

Thank You, Jennifer

I very much appreciated reading this book and recommend it to anyone trying to understand this case or who is struggling with Abuse, or Domestic Violence issues.    I believe it is an important  work in combating Abuse, and Domestic Violence.   Jennifer and Emily outline many warning signs that can be used by others in evaluating their own personal situations.

This book is not available in book stores,  But is available through Amazon and well worth the price and your time. Here is a link. http://www.amazon.com/A-Light-In-Dark-Places/dp/1490426116

Chuck Cox

Jun 20



JENNIFER GRAVES RELEASES HER NEW BOOK   http://www.alightindarkplacesbook.com/



Launch Event Planned for A Light In Dark Places


Taylorsville, Utah – Jennifer Graves, sister to Josh Powell, announced today that she is holding an event to launch her new book, A Light In Dark Places. The event will be held in South Jordan, Utah on Monday, June 24, 2013 from 7 to 9:30pm.

Jennifer Graves is well-known in Utah and Washington as being an advocate for her missing sister-in-law, Susan Cox Powell, as well as for Susan’s sons, Charlie and Braden. In her book, she shares her struggles to have a healthy, normal life despite her tumultuous upbringing. She discloses details about Josh Powell as a child and teenager as well as her insight into Josh and Susan’s early relationship and marriage. Jennifer offers her view on the factors that made her life so different from that of her brothers, Josh and Michael, and shares the way in which she was able to forge ahead and find peace even during the hardest, darkest days of her life.

Jennifer and her co-author, Emily Clawson, will both speak about their experiences in writing the book and will also answer questions from the audience. Copies of A Light in Dark Places will be offered for sale with a portion of the proceeds being donated to the Susan Cox Powell Foundation and Chainbreakers Foundations. There will be a brief book signing following the presentations.


Details about the launch event:

June 24, 2013

7-9:30pm (interview times available from 6-7pm)

Paradigm High School

11577 S 3600 W

South Jordan, UT 84095

Jun 10

Killer Dads

killer DadsPrometheus Books, just released “Killer Dads” written by Mary Papenfuss.  This book includes Susan’s disappearance and Susan’s husband, Josh Powell, killing their two sons Charlie and Braden along with other cases.   Mary made a donation to the Susan Cox Powell Foundation for which we are very grateful.   She interviewed several people about Susan, Charlie and Braden, including Judy and myself.   We know Mary did her homework and are looking forward to reading this important book.  The book is written from a unique perspective, exploring what kind of person is capable of such an unthinkable act as killing their own children.

May 25

Still Searching for Susan

Tuesday night December 8th at 10:26pm, after being questioned by police, Josh Powell rented a Silver 2009 Ford Focus, and disappeared again for 22 hours.   Josh activated newly purchased cell phones in Tremonton, Utah on December 9th around 4pm.   When Josh returned the car on Thursday the 10th of December, 807 miles had been put on the rental car.  Police searched the rental car, Cadaver dogs did not alert on the rental car, so if Josh  was moving Susan’s body he had help.   It is 403 miles from Salt Lake City to a location Josh had photographed along I-84 just South of Baker City Oregon.  Police searched the location near I-84 where the photo had been taken, Nothing.

Was this photo a coincidence, mis-direction, or a clue?  I don’t know but I believe that in some old out building, abandoned shed, culvert or other structure or ditch near a road that was accessible that Wednesday morning , we could find Susan.   As her father I have to look.

As her father, I need the help of you good people living along this route, you know which roads get plowed, which gas stations may have been open, who owns which property, which buildings never get used but are accessible.  Perhaps someone will remember seeing tire tracks in the Snow at a locked gate, and thinking, “that’s strange probably just someone took a wrong turn”.  It would have seemed unimportant then, like a broken latch or a missing lock, or a lock that your key stopped working in that you had to replace, just an odd inconvenience at the time,  but hearing this information it now pops into your mind.  If needed law enforcement is ready and able to assist in searching, the case is not closed.    If law enforcement does not have sufficient resources, we have many people volunteering their services including dogs and equipment.  Even though the probable perpetrators have ended their own lives, Susan still needs to be found.

Michael Powell’s location has never been documented the week of December 7th, he and his younger sister did show up in Utah on the 12th of December to help their brother Josh.   Michael Powell’s Silver Ford Tarus broke down near Baker City, Oregon, 400 miles from Salt Lake City as he and sister returned home on December 15th.    Michael had the car towed to a Pendleton salvage yard to be destroyed, just a little odd at the time, nothing more.

Over a year later after learning more about Josh and Michael’s brotherly relationship, and hearing about a car being salvaged, the car was located it had not been destroyed and Cadaver dogs were taken to the salvage yard.  The dogs went directly to the partially salvaged vehicle and alerted on the trunk and rear seat.   Although nothing was found in the trunk, the dogs alerting on the trunk means they detected the scent of human decomposition present in the trunk.   Meaning that decomposing human remains, were in the trunk at some time.

Michael Powell committed suicide, so he isn’t giving anyone an explanation.  The logical and probable explanation is that the trunk was used to transport a decomposing human body or body parts.   Who’s body?   Given all the circumstances we are aware of, the probable answer is that it was Susan.

I was once told of a dog training exercise where Cadaver Dogs alerted on the site of a massive blood loss in a gravel pit, man Vs heavy equipment, the man did live due to ambulances, but the blood had just soaked into the ground decomposing.  The handlers were confused that the dogs were alerting on that spot, but after learning about the accident that had happened years earlier they realized the Dogs were right. (trust your dog)   If you’re a father with a missing daughter, that story still leaves you with the tiniest glimmer of hope rather than the alternative.

At last we now appear to have circumstantial evidence where Susan’s body may have gone.  It feels like it is a step closer to finding her.

Myself and an investigator from Winquist Investigations will begin by traveling to Pendleton on Tuesday the 28th to make local law enforcement aware of our concerns and to pass out flyers to gas stations, and people along the route as we head South to Tremonton.   I hope it jogs someone memory of seeing the two cars together, or one or both of them buying fuel, or shovels or anything.    As people begin to spend more time out doors, armed with this information we might get a break.  Maybe we will finally have the answers we need and be able to put our daughter to rest besides her children.  As I said before, I just have to keep looking.  Thank You for your help.

See Attached flyer.

Susan I-84 Flyer2