Jun 10

Killer Dads

killer DadsPrometheus Books, just released “Killer Dads” written by Mary Papenfuss.  This book includes Susan’s disappearance and Susan’s husband, Josh Powell, killing their two sons Charlie and Braden along with other cases.   Mary made a donation to the Susan Cox Powell Foundation for which we are very grateful.   She interviewed several people about Susan, Charlie and Braden, including Judy and myself.   We know Mary did her homework and are looking forward to reading this important book.  The book is written from a unique perspective, exploring what kind of person is capable of such an unthinkable act as killing their own children.

May 25

Still Searching for Susan

Tuesday night December 8th at 10:26pm, after being questioned by police, Josh Powell rented a Silver 2009 Ford Focus, and disappeared again for 22 hours.   Josh activated newly purchased cell phones in Tremonton, Utah on December 9th around 4pm.   When Josh returned the car on Thursday the 10th of December, 807 miles had been put on the rental car.  Police searched the rental car, Cadaver dogs did not alert on the rental car, so if Josh  was moving Susan’s body he had help.   It is 403 miles from Salt Lake City to a location Josh had photographed along I-84 just South of Baker City Oregon.  Police searched the location near I-84 where the photo had been taken, Nothing.

Was this photo a coincidence, mis-direction, or a clue?  I don’t know but I believe that in some old out building, abandoned shed, culvert or other structure or ditch near a road that was accessible that Wednesday morning , we could find Susan.   As her father I have to look.

As her father, I need the help of you good people living along this route, you know which roads get plowed, which gas stations may have been open, who owns which property, which buildings never get used but are accessible.  Perhaps someone will remember seeing tire tracks in the Snow at a locked gate, and thinking, “that’s strange probably just someone took a wrong turn”.  It would have seemed unimportant then, like a broken latch or a missing lock, or a lock that your key stopped working in that you had to replace, just an odd inconvenience at the time,  but hearing this information it now pops into your mind.  If needed law enforcement is ready and able to assist in searching, the case is not closed.    If law enforcement does not have sufficient resources, we have many people volunteering their services including dogs and equipment.  Even though the probable perpetrators have ended their own lives, Susan still needs to be found.

Michael Powell’s location has never been documented the week of December 7th, he and his younger sister did show up in Utah on the 12th of December to help their brother Josh.   Michael Powell’s Silver Ford Tarus broke down near Baker City, Oregon, 400 miles from Salt Lake City as he and sister returned home on December 15th.    Michael had the car towed to a Pendleton salvage yard to be destroyed, just a little odd at the time, nothing more.

Over a year later after learning more about Josh and Michael’s brotherly relationship, and hearing about a car being salvaged, the car was located it had not been destroyed and Cadaver dogs were taken to the salvage yard.  The dogs went directly to the partially salvaged vehicle and alerted on the trunk and rear seat.   Although nothing was found in the trunk, the dogs alerting on the trunk means they detected the scent of human decomposition present in the trunk.   Meaning that decomposing human remains, were in the trunk at some time.

Michael Powell committed suicide, so he isn’t giving anyone an explanation.  The logical and probable explanation is that the trunk was used to transport a decomposing human body or body parts.   Who’s body?   Given all the circumstances we are aware of, the probable answer is that it was Susan.

I was once told of a dog training exercise where Cadaver Dogs alerted on the site of a massive blood loss in a gravel pit, man Vs heavy equipment, the man did live due to ambulances, but the blood had just soaked into the ground decomposing.  The handlers were confused that the dogs were alerting on that spot, but after learning about the accident that had happened years earlier they realized the Dogs were right. (trust your dog)   If you’re a father with a missing daughter, that story still leaves you with the tiniest glimmer of hope rather than the alternative.

At last we now appear to have circumstantial evidence where Susan’s body may have gone.  It feels like it is a step closer to finding her.

Myself and an investigator from Winquist Investigations will begin by traveling to Pendleton on Tuesday the 28th to make local law enforcement aware of our concerns and to pass out flyers to gas stations, and people along the route as we head South to Tremonton.   I hope it jogs someone memory of seeing the two cars together, or one or both of them buying fuel, or shovels or anything.    As people begin to spend more time out doors, armed with this information we might get a break.  Maybe we will finally have the answers we need and be able to put our daughter to rest besides her children.  As I said before, I just have to keep looking.  Thank You for your help.

See Attached flyer.

Susan I-84 Flyer2

Apr 29

Crime Victims Conference of East Texas

IMG_0951Judy and myself (Chuck Cox) spoke at the 1st Annual Crime Victims Conference of East Texas.  It was an honor to speak to such a large gathering of Law Enforcement professionals, DSHS and CPS professionals.

This conference was part of the ongoing training for those who deal daily with very difficult stressful situations, decisions and people undergoing tragedy.   Different offices and personnel had the opportunity to interact and understand how they can all work together to help victims.


We commend the Henderson County, District Attorney’s Office for putting the conference on.   We enjoyed being invited, and sharing our story and thoughts.  This was our first time telling our story in front of an audience, without just answering specific questions from reporters.  Thank You

While at the conference we met other non-profit citizen volunteer groups.  One of which we feel we need to tell you about was Victim Relief Ministries, a non-denominational organization that provides support to victims and victim families.  It consists of a core of volunteer pastors and others trained in counseling victims.  They provide one on one help and counseling to victims and their families, in the wake of any type of tragedy large or small.    While no one can fully understand the grief, pain each person feels when a tragedy occurs, one on one faith-based support from a trustworthy source is a very important service.  There is no cost for their service and they have many resources to offer.   We fully support their work and have put a link to their web page under our Partners, Information & links tab.  Or you can follow the link below.


VRM logo


Apr 21

Crime Victims Conference of East Texas

On April 15th we witnessed another senseless attack on innocent law-abiding people.   With callous disregard for human life, and the consequences of their actions two bombs were detonated at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.     More families became victims of crime.   The Henderson County District Attorney’s office Crime Victims Conference of East Texas which will take place April 25,26 is an opportunity for good people to discuss ways to provide support to crime victims.   Thank you Henderson County for hosting this conference.

Law enforcement officials and victim advocates from various cities and municipalities will attend, but the conference is open to the public.   Friday afternoon, Chuck and Judy Cox will speak about their experiences as parents of a missing person, grandparents of two murdered grandchildren, and the needs of the victim’s families.

The investigation continues into the Disappearance of their Daughter Susan Cox Powell.  For more information about the conference or to attend visit: http://www.henderson-county.com/cvc.html

“All that is required for evil to win, is for good people to do nothing” 

Please Join us.Thank you for your support.

2013-04-21 15.02.38

Apr 21

New Foundation Lapel Pin

2013-04-21 15.02.38Foundation Subscribers, and Supporters: Thank you for your interest and support.  


We just had this 1 inch lapel pin made.  It is small enough it can be worn on a lapel, collar, purse strap, hat or other location, without turning yourself into a billboard.  We hope you will be willing to use it to talk to people about our website, foundation, stopping domestic violence, and helping the families of victims of violent crime.



We would be glad to send you one or more at no cost to you. (donations accepted) We will need your mailing address. (your mailing address will not be sold or shared)   Feel free to give yours away, we can send you more.

Apr 08

The Tears Foundation Rock and Walk

The Susan Cox Powell Foundarock and walktion fully supports the efforts of The Tears Foundation, which includes the Charlie and Braden Project, by using donations to the project to help with funeral costs of Children.   Charle and Braden project

The Tears foundation has chapter’s all over the United States, there is sure to be one near you.


Please follow this link http://www.thetearsfoundation.org/page.php?id=29 to learn more about Rock and Walk and the Tears Foundation.


Chuck Cox  (Charlie and Braden’s Grandpa)

Apr 03

Susan’s Song Udate

We are Happy to Announce that Public access to The Video Slide show “Susan’s Song” with that beautiful music has been restored http://youtu.be/GdDoB49-lJM  it is our hope that sharing this video with it’s beautiful music will provide peace and comfort to those in need.  The beautiful music and message are of comfort to anyone that has lost a loved one.

We will continue to provide the “Commemorative CD/DVD Set” to those who prefer to not have to connect to the internet to view it, or just want their own copy.  You may get the commemorative set by clicking on the donation button on this site.  Please let us know if you would like your set autographed.2012-12-13 16.43.20

Apr 03

New Public Service Announcement Released

Symbolizing our goal to provide a small candle of light to those in need

Symbolizing our goal to provide a small candle of light to those in need

Chain Breakers Foundation and the Susan Cox Powell Foundation have released a public service video that outlines important information about Domestic Violence.   The video was produced with the help of KSL Television, Deseret News, Jessie Funk, and Amber Hardman Photography. http://youtu.be/epj5cUN5J14

Apr 03

Chain Breakers Foundation recognition event

Jennifer GravesThe Chain Breakers Foundation will honor Jennifer Graves on April 4th for her contributions to breaking the chains of abuse.

Jennifer has stood resolute in exposing the truth to stop abuse and domestic violence, despite constant glare of media attention and personal attacks directed against her by those within her own family.  The award is for breaking the chains of abuse and violence in Jennifer’s family.

The public is to invited to an award ceremony that will be held on Thursday, April 4, 2013 at 7pm at the Chainbreaker Foundation House located at 165 N 1330 West, Building A-1 in Orem, UT.  Jennifer will be speaking for 10-15 minutes and would love to see some of you there!  Please come and show your support.

Apr 03

Crime Victims Conference of East Texas

On April 25th and 26th, the Henderson County District Attorney’s office will hold a Crime Victims Conference.   Law enforcement officials and victim advocates from various cities and municipalities will attend, but the conference is open to the public.   Chuck and Judy Cox will be in attendance and will speak about their experiences as parents of a missing person, grandparents of two murdered grandchildren, and the needs of the victim’s families.  The investigation continues into the Disappearance of their Daughter Susan Cox Powell.  For more information about the conference or to attend visit: http://www.henderson-county.com/cvc.html  Thank you for your support.


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