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Donations to sites other than those listed below are beyond the control of the Susan Cox Powell Foundation, and the Cox family.  However, we have personally contacted the organizations we have links to, and fully support their work.



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chuck and judy at funeral

Positives from Tragedy!!!

Below you will find some photos with short stories about the positive things that have happened as we continue to try and help others as Susan would have wanted and to honor the memory of the loss of Charlie and Braden.June 21, 2010 marked on year from when Lindsey Baum went missing.  This was a …

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The Chrismas Box Angel

The Puyallup Christmas Box Angel This Christmas Box Angel statue was donated to the Woodbine cemetery and is located on the hill above Charlie and Braden’s grave.   The Statue was dedicated December 6, 2012.  The last time anyone saw Susan was December 6th 2009.  Donations from listeners of a local radio talk show ended …

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Ride for their lives

The Surviving Parents Coalition

The Susan Cox Powell Foundation became aware of the Surviving Parents Coalition when Chuck Cox, Susan’s Father met Ed Smart.   Ed’s daughter Elizabeth Smart was abducted but thankfully eventually returned to her parents.   Ed Smart and the Surviving Parents Coalition have worked to bring attention to the deficiencies in our laws that could be corrected …

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Victim Relief Ministries

Victim Relief Ministries is non-denominational faith-based support for victims and their families without regard to the cause of the need. This is a growing network of Trained Volunteer Counselors, Pastors, clergy and qualified professionals from participating churches and community members is ready to provide support to individuals and families. Partnering with churches, individuals, corporations, and others …

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Abuse Wheel

Using one of the tactics included in the wheel does not make one an abuser; however, it does show that there are problems in the relationship. If multiple tactics are being used, or if the behavior shows an ongoing pattern, there is deep cause for concern. If these tactics are used for the purpose of …

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Charlie’s Dinosaur

Charlie’s Dinosaur Building a Safer Community In 2012, Crime Stoppers of Tacoma-Pierce County developed a new outreach program in cooperation with the Cox family following the tragic murder of their grandsons Charlie and Braden.  Our volunteers teamed up with the Cox family, the case detectives from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, and child advocacy groups …

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tears logo

The Tears Foundation Charlie and Braden Project

Charlie & Braden Project The Charlie & Braden Project is inspired in memory of Charlie & Braden Powell, who lived in the community of The TEARS Foundation. The TEARS Foundation hopes to reach out to families who face the tragic, unexpected death of their child and offer to lift a financial burden by assisting them …

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Book List

Books that may be of help to families: *Dangerous Relationships: How to Stop Domestic Violence before it Stops You, by Novelle Nelson *Eleven Building Blocks of Domestic Violence Prevention, by Kenn I. Hicks, LCSW Licensed Clinical Social Certified Domestic Violence Counselor *Domestic Violence and Child Protection: Directions for Good Practice, edited by Cathy Humphreys and …

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Personal Stories

This section is for the personal stories of those affected by the loss of a loved one, victims of abuse, violent crime victims and their families. Those wishing to add stories, make corrections, remove stories or contact those persons with stories please make your request though the contact us page.  In order to demonstrate this …

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