How To Help

The only way evil can win is; If good people do nothing.

(The Susan Cox Powell Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity, your donation is tax deductible )

Donations for the Susan, Charlie and Braden Powell Memorials, can be made at any Wells Fargo Branch, under the Charlie and Braden Powell memorial account or by using the PayPal donate link below.

The funds donated using this PayPal link, will go to building a memorial to encourage those who see it to protect children and to help put a stop to domestic violence.


General use Donations to “The Susan Cox Powell Foundation”,The Charlie Braden Project” or “Charlie’s Dinosaur” can also be mailed to:

The Susan Cox Powell Foundation

Box PO Box 73085,
Puyallup, WA 98373  

Donations to the Foundation General Use Fund can be made via PayPal by using the link below:

The funds donated using this PayPal link, are for General Use of the Susan Cox Powell Foundation, however, if you wish your paypal donation to go to, The Charlie and Braden Project of The Tears Foundation, or Charlie’s Dinosaur just let us know using the comment box, email, or with a note and we will be glad to forward your donation.

Prayers and words of encouragement are always welcome.   We pray that those visiting this site and those sites we have links to, will examine their own lives, and resolve to do everything in their power to stop domestic violence, to protect the innocent, and give aid to those suffering. 

Additional ways to help: 

If you would like to donate legal work for our clients, or advertising, or web design, or computer skills, or Counseling services for clients, or Transportation services, or Share your personal story on this site, or become a volunteer coordinator for your State or local area, or have some other way you can help, please use our “contact us” page and tell us how you can help. 

We will contact you, verify your qualifications, and offer you suggestions on how  best you can assist us or our partner organizations.  

Many non-profit organizations can use volunteers in various roles.

The only way evil can win is; If good people do nothing.