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The Susan Cox Powell Foundation was established in 2010 by Susan’s family and friends. The mission of the Foundation is:

  • To assist families of missing persons by providing no-cost strategic media consulting services to ensure that their loved one’s face and name remain in the public eye as long as possible;
  • To research and catalog resources across the United States that may be helpful to families of missing persons in an effort to create a resource clearinghouse for other families to use in their time of crisis, and;
  • To support domestic violence prevention efforts and to participate in community and school-based education about domestic violence prevention with a special emphasis on recognizing the early signs of abuse.

About the Foundation

On December 7, 2009, Susan Cox Powell was reported missing from her home in West Valley City, Utah. Detectives working on the case characterized her disappearance as suspicious and having criminal overtones. The investigation into her disappearance continues. The Susan Cox Powell Foundation was established in 2010 by Susan’s Parents with the help of friends, and after and overwhelming response from …

About Charles Cox and Judy Cox (Susan’s Parents)

Charles Cox (Chuck) is the middle child of a family of 3, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and is Susan’s father. He is a pilot, retired from the Federal Aviation Administration, who has experience in accident investigations, violation investigations, interviewing witnesses, writing enforcement reports, documenting evidence, assisting agency …

About Michael Gifford

Michael is the father of 3 children 2 boys and one girl and is a retired law enforcement officer. Michael established Santa Cops, while a DARE officer for the Puyallup Police department. Santa Cops provides food, financial aid, and support for families in the Puyallup area. Michael’s experiences as a DARE officer, teaching children about …

About Kiirsi Hellewell

Kiirsi Hellewell is a close friend of Susan’s. Kiirsi and Susan first met when Susan and Josh moved to Utah in the spring of 2004. Susan and Kiirsi became very close friends and their families did many activities together for the next 5 years until Susan disappeared on December 6, 2009. Since Susan’s disappearance, Kiirsi …