May 27

Book Launch “If I can’t Have You”

If I can't have you coverFriday, May 30th,2014,  Authors Gregg Olsen and Rebecca Morris will be launching their newly released book, “If I can’t have you” with a personal appearance.  (This link should get you more information)

Gregg and Rebecca have worked hard to make this the most comprehensive work on Susan Cox Powell’s disappearance, and the other tragic events that followed.   The authors interviewed numerous people, and complied what was learned into this book.   Even if you have followed the case, from the beginning you are sure to discover some new information.   Including an unintended yet unmistakable documenting of  domestic violence and the effects on subsequent generations.  The book draws no conclusions but in documenting this case gives the reader several warning signs to look for.    Gregg and Rebecca interviewed as many people as they could.  Considered the information released by law enforcement investigators, and the result is this excellent book.

Chuck and Judy were interviewed for this book and by other authors.

It is their hope that examining this case will make people individually and as a society look at relationships, marriage, divorce, child protection and family interactions, in a new light.  

They hope that others will benefit from learning the currently known details of this case and any future details that come to light.  

They hope that all people will resolve to take steps to make sure this type of tragedy does not happen in their lives.

Hope – Pray – Help – Believe