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Michael McLean “Forgotten Carols” Concert Remembers

forgotten carolsMichael’s performance of “The Forgotten Carols” on Monday the 17th was dedicated to those lost in Newtown, CT. and their families. The audience observed a minute of silence, to pray and remember.

On Tuesday, December 18th, the Cox family were privileged to attend “The Forgotten Carols”, the play written by Michael Mclean 21 years ago.

The play provides comfort and peace to many that have suffered tragic loss.  This performance was dedicated to Susan Cox Powell, Charlie and Braden, as Michael said, he first learned about Susan’s interest in his work through a phone call.  Susan had tickets to see the Forgotten Carols in December of 2009, and was looking forward with great anticipation to the performance.  Susan, Michael was told, loved his work and considered him one of her favorite performers.  unfortunately, Susan went missing and never got the opportunity to attend the performance.

Chuck and Judy Cox, along with close friends and relatives where able to attend the Tuesday Night Performance.   An instant bond was made between Michacel, and the Cox family, and a special spirit attended the event.  Afterword, Chuck told Michael he had felt Susan’s presence during the performance, Michael had felt it too.  Also in attendance where Jusitn and Shane Osmond, who were there to show their support for the Susan Cox Powell Foundation, our partners, and of course the Cox family.

For the Cox family it was a memorable healing experience, although the end of the story is still unknown. All the love, support, and prayers help keep them strong and determined to carry on and to help as many people as they can as a legacy to Charlie and Braden and their Daughter Susan.   The Cox family’s faith in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the overwhelming love prayers and support of people around the world, help them as they go on day by day.   The loss of innocent lives in Newtown CT. and the suffering of their families, as well as the many families of those with missing loved ones, or loved ones taken because of the careless, senseless acts of others is always in the minds and hearts of the Cox family.

Thank You, Michael for this special performance and your wonderful play, “The Forgotten Carols”.  May you continue to bless lives through your talent.

Michael speaks with Chuck and Judy during meet and greet before the show

Michael speaks with Chuck and Judy during meet and greet before the show

Michael Mclean