Dec 21

New Friend dedicates Song to Susan.

Stan Bozek

I met Stan Bozek when he was performing at the Washington State Fair, in Puyallup, Washington.  Stan was the playing guitar at the fair for the Dennis Lee Band.   I was immediately impressed by his skill, and spoke with him after the set.   I later went to his web site and ordered a couple of CDs.   I also sent him one of our Susan’s Song  “A Dream Away” CD/DVD commemorative Sets.  Stan then fully realized the rest of the story.  After finding out Silent Night is one of Susan’s favorite songs, he dedicated his beautiful solo version to Susan.   Thank You Stan.



I really enjoy his music, The CDs are great, and I appreciate his willingness to do what he can to help.  He is an excellent musician and a new friend.   I can fully recommend his music and him.  If you get a chance to see him live, make the trip, I am sure you will enjoy it.

If you would like to hear the version of Silent Night he dedicated to Susan, you can follow this link to his website.

You can hear more of Stan’s music on Youtube, he has his own channel,   Here is a link to the Youtube “Silent Night” clip.

Thank You, and Merry Christmas to everyone who continues to pray for Susan and that continue to provide encouragement and support to Susan’s family.

Chuck & Judy Cox

Dec 18

Every Family Needs a Hero

Take a few minutes to read Tim’s inspiring story. Find out how he overcame a terrible childhood to do well in life. Select PARTNERS, LINKS & INFORMATION–PERSONAL STORIES–TIM

Nov 19

2014 Vigil


2013-04-29 18.14.46On December 6, 2014, at the Woodbine Cemetery in Puyallup, Washington, the annual Christmas Box Angel memorial  vigil will be held.   The vigil is  to remember of those little Angels that we have lost.   All those who would like to join us are invited, to come a short candle light ceremony will be held starting at 7pm.




It is customary to bring a candle for the vigil, and a white flower in memory of you loved one to leave at the statue.






Judy and I will be using this event to remember Charlie, and Braden who passed away on February 5, 2012 and our daughter Susan who was last seen on December 6, 2009 and is still missing.  We invite others to do the same at Christmas Box Angel sites in Salt Lake City and across the country.  We Thank those who are helping preparing the vigil.  Refreshments will be provided, dress warm.

Nov 17

Hero of the Month

Take a few minutes to read the inspiring story of November’s Hero of the month, Ruby, who overcame generational curses of abuse, anger, alcoholism and depression.

Sep 24

Every Family Needs a Hero

Take a few minutes to read the amazing story of this month’s hero. Find out how Jerry escaped his family’s default setting of dysfunction, drugs, drunkenness and prison. Select Partners, Links & Information and then Personal Stories.

Read more inspirational stories of men and women who successfully and significantly changed the destiny of their families at

May 27

Book Launch “If I can’t Have You”

If I can't have you coverFriday, May 30th,2014,  Authors Gregg Olsen and Rebecca Morris will be launching their newly released book, “If I can’t have you” with a personal appearance.  (This link should get you more information)

Gregg and Rebecca have worked hard to make this the most comprehensive work on Susan Cox Powell’s disappearance, and the other tragic events that followed.   The authors interviewed numerous people, and complied what was learned into this book.   Even if you have followed the case, from the beginning you are sure to discover some new information.   Including an unintended yet unmistakable documenting of  domestic violence and the effects on subsequent generations.  The book draws no conclusions but in documenting this case gives the reader several warning signs to look for.    Gregg and Rebecca interviewed as many people as they could.  Considered the information released by law enforcement investigators, and the result is this excellent book.

Chuck and Judy were interviewed for this book and by other authors.

It is their hope that examining this case will make people individually and as a society look at relationships, marriage, divorce, child protection and family interactions, in a new light.  

They hope that others will benefit from learning the currently known details of this case and any future details that come to light.  

They hope that all people will resolve to take steps to make sure this type of tragedy does not happen in their lives.

Hope – Pray – Help – Believe




Feb 17

Charlie’s Dinosaur “CB” delivers books

Friday October 14th, 2014, “CB” and his helpers, delivered approximately 4,500 books to two Pierce County Elementary Schools.   The books were welcomed by teachers who knew exactly which families needed them.    In a world of computers there is something about a real book, with pages, colorful illustrations, no batteries or software needed…..

Helpers loaded the truck

Photo by Mr. J



<<<<<<<<<<<<< Crime Stoppers, associate member George Hight (left), Chuck Cox, Charlie and Braden’s Grandpa (center), and Chuck Warden, Commander American Veterans Post 1 (right), at the warehouse with the delivery truck loaded.





Broullet 1

Photo by Mr. J

The First Stop was Brouillet Elementary School

 ”CB” had to get a few pictures with his new Brouillet Friends

The current “Miss Pierce County Outstanding Teen”, and Miss Pierce County contestant McKinley Goble (Nice boots) helped unload.

McKinley, Chuck Cox, Nancy Stobel (Principal), “CB”, Curtis Brian (Assistant Principal), Brouilett Dads >>>>



Broullet 2

Photo by<<<<<<<    Assistant Principal Brian Curtis



Brouillet Student  >>>>>>>>>>






Next stop Firgove Elementary School

Firgrove 1

McKinley, “CB”, Kristen Schroeder,                                              (Principal Firgrove Elementary)                              Photo by Mr. J

Broullet 4

Photo by Mr. J

A picture before the staff began opening and sorting boxes of books to distribute them to students.



George, McKinnley, Kristen, Chuck,

plus two  Firgrove Teacher helpers,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



Teachers wanting books in Pierce County Schools please contact Janene Jasinski, through the Susan Cox Powell Foundation “contact us”, link to request books.  Other schools or teachers please use the “contact us” link (Chuck

A Special Thank you to everyone that  had a part in helping Charlie’s Dinosaur make this possible.                  Happy Reading!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 28

Annual Memorial December 6, 2013

2013-04-29 18.14.46On December 6, 2013, at the Woodbine Cemetery in Puyallup, Washington the annual Christmas Box Angel memorial to remember those whose little Angels that we have lost will be held.   All those who would like to join us are invited, to come a short candle light ceremony will be held starting at 7pm.


It is customary to bring a candle for the vigil, and a white flower in memory of you loved one to leave at the statue.



Judy and I will be using this event to remember Charlie, and Braden who passed away on February 5, 2012 and our daughter Susan who is still missing.  We invite others to do the same at Christmas Box Angel sites in Salt Lake City and across the country.  We Thank those who are preparing the vigil.

Nov 28

Charlie’s Dinosaur Coat Drive

2013-11-23 12.01.33

Tom, Epic Eddie, CB, Lynelle

The Charlie’s Dinosaur Coat Drive held on November 23, 2013 went well.  We started slow on a very clear and cold morning, by 10:00am our start time, we were ready to go, but the temperature was around 30 degrees,  Luckily the wind was mostly calm, but the slightest breeze went right through the light jackets most of us were wearing.   But even with the chill in the air, everyone one was optimistic.   Even a little before the official start time a car pulled up and gave us 3 bags of donated items, including at least 3 coats.   People continued to trickle in for the first hour or so then around noon, things began to get busy.  We had about 30 volunteers and all of them were pressed into service as people dropped by coats, clothes, school supplies and other donations.  It was very gratifying to see their generosity. “CB” made his first appearance at about 10:15am, and was a big hit.

2013-11-23 12.15.29

CB gets a High-Five

2013-11-23 11.45.07











Then Epic Eddie the astronaut showed up, and both of them helped with drawing attention to our fund-raiser.

We gave “CB” a few breaks from his outside waving, taking him on a walking tour of the Fred Myer store, which was pretty packed with holiday shoppers getting ready for Thanksgiving.

The children in the store and their parents welcomed the distraction of a Dinosaur walking through the isles.   “CB” got plenty of hugs, high fives, and a turned a lot of heads.   One little girl said, “look Mommy a dinosaur”.  Mommy, concentrating on the bazillion things mommys have to do, hadn’t seen “CB” and told her daughter, “Honey, dinosaurs aren’t real….   “CB” heard her and quickly altered his path slightly so the mother would see him.   A few seconds later “CB” had a new friend, and mommy now believes in dinosaurs.   The reactions to “CB” varied but where all positive, except for one little boy who wasn’t sure about how safe a big green dinosaur was …..he came around.    The “CB” costume turned out to be just as loveable as we had hoped it would be.  All in all it was fun for the children, fun for “CB” and everyone.   We made 3 trips total through the store.

2013-11-23 12.10.14

Charlie’s Dinosaur and “CB” want to thank Crime Stoppers, Columbia Bank, and Epic Donuts, and all of the volunteers that helped, with this event.  Epic Donuts distributed 250 boxes of “CB” donuts, (glazed “CB” shaped donuts with cherry filling),   Tasty, tasty teats indeed.   Also distributed along with the donuts and “high fives” were Charlie Dinosaur tattoos, pretty snazzy.

2013-11-23 12.14.07

Another new friend






Over 2,000.00 in cash was raised for foster children along with many, many coats.   One local business man came by with about 10 coats he had just purchased, it was very gratifying.  Thank you to all those generous people.



“CB” will be made available upon request to support various civic functions, and charity events, especially those involving or benefiting children, please leave a message on this site using “contact us”, and we will see if we can work out an appearance.

Nov 21

Charlie’s Dinosaur Coat Drive

Charlies Dinosaur logoCome Join us Saturday, November 23rd from 10am to 3pm on the corner of 176th & Meridian.

Charlie’s Dinosaur sponsored by Pierce County Crime Stoppers will be holding a coat and backpack drive to benefit foster children.   This event will be hosted by Columbia Bank located at 176th and Meridian in Puyallup by Fred Meyer.

This is a special event Introducing “CB our new Charlie’s Dinosaur Mascot.  Come and meet “CB” in person.   “CB” will be available for pictures with boys, girls and even adults.

2013-10-09 14.10.40

For as long as supplies hold out, Epic Donuts home of the “Tastiest Treats in the Galaxy”,

will be on site providing “CB” donuts, a Cherry filled glazed donut in the shape of the Charlie’s Dinosaur Mascot “CB“.


moonmanThe “CB” donut is available daily at Epic Donuts  “Tastiest Treats in the Galaxy” 12314 Meridian Ave E, Puyallup, WA 98373 (253) 845-0246.

The everyday low price for the “CB” is $1.50,  Epic Donuts donates 1.00 for each donut sold to Charlie’s Dinosaur.   I can speak from personal experience they are delicious, (Quality Control is essential)

Epic Eddie” will also be available for pictures and to keep “CB” company, we welcome other mascots to come join in this event to benefit Foster Children.

Kids Clothing, ages 3 to 16 (Boys and Girls)

Under garments to include socks (Boys and Girls)

Pajama’s (Long Pants and Tops) practical, not fancy.

Sweat Suits (Boys and Girls)

Heavy and Light coats (Girls and Boys)

Hats/Caps/Gloves (Girls and Boys)

School Back Packs (Girls and Boys)

Airline carryon Bags with wheels (small)

Hair brush and comb

Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste

Deodorant (Boys and Girls)

Shampoo and Conditioner

Compact Mirror

Make Up Kit (Girls)

Curling iron, Flat iron and Blow dryers

Small radio alarm clocks

Pens and Pencils

Address Book


School Supplies (all types)

Colored Pencils, Crayons, Coloring Books

Drawing Pads

Craft kits, puzzles, travel games

Children’s Books, Young Adult and Teen Books


“CB” will be available to support other worthwhile events, please use the contact us Page on this site to make your requests.   Other Crime Stopper units are welcome to expand the scope of Charlie’s Dinosaur to your local area.  Please use the contact us page on the Susan Cox Powell Foundation web site to get further information.

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